Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fantasy Hero's and Intelligent Design

A lot of Intelligent design proponents question the slow and methodical evolutionary march to sophistication. They believe that sophistication came all at once, that it was designed that way...because the designer knew before hand what the final design was to look like, so there was no need for an intermediary step.

OK. Prove it!

This reminds me of the time when I was young and believed in superheroes and superhuman feats. If you start with the comic book heroes like Superman, The Fantastic Four and the like they all had extra-ordinary gifts and abilities. I soon realized that such fantasy powers couldn't come true. So I substituted those comic book fantasy powers for other fantasy powers, like hitting .500 in baseball, or throwing 6 touchdowns per game without an interception, or carrying a ball for an average of 8 yards per carry. It soon dawned on me why most hitters were hitting .260, why most Quarterbacks throw only 2 touchdowns passes and also throw picks; and that most runners only have a 2.5 yard per carry average. Reality bites.

The intelligent design argument is much like believing in the fantasy world of the comic books. It is a fine world, but reality bites. If you want to produce a scientific basis for Intelligent design, as a viable alternative to Evolution, I and most other scientists would be glad to listen.

So develop a scientific theory of Intelligent Design...prove it!.

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