Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Creationism and Snapshots of the Universe

One problem that Creationism has (among many) is that it is a snapshot of the state of the Universe. By that I mean that any changes to the underlying structure cannot be made because time and space and the elements have already been spelled out by the Creator.

One way of looking at this is the notion that when the Creator made the universe he could have made a less than perfect creation or a perfect creation.

If the creation is less than perfect, end of story. There is no need to pursue creationism or Intelligent design as a model for the universe.

If the creation is perfect, as creationists believe, then in Liebniz' words, this is the "best of all Possbile worlds."

Well is it? I for one don't think it is because it could be improved by getting rid of cancer or diabeties. In other words, the universe doesn't meet the condition of being perfect if there are flaws. So the snapshot that was taken didn't really occur.

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